WholesaleX Lifetime Deal 2024 | The Simplest Wholesale Solution

Are you tired of spending hours managing your online store? Look no further but WholesaleX Lifetime Deal. This innovative plugin offers a one-stop solution for all your wholesale needs, from selling to managing orders, pricing, discount, and more with lifetime access.

The WholesaleX plugin cuts the way of selling to managing wholesale goods in your online business. WholesaleX helps to convert your average WooCommerce business into a money-making B2B business.

In this article, I’ll dive into the features and benefits of WholesaleX Lifetime Deal, and how it can renovate your wholesale business.

WholesaleX Lifetime Deal | Best Wholesale Solution

WholesaleX- the one name with unlimited potential that allows you to build & manage your wholesale business profitably. This feature-rich but modest plugin is packed with innovative and vital features you can’t ignore. Let’s see more;

What is WholesaleX?

WholesaleX is a complete and feature-rich wholesale plugin that saves your time & money and helps to grow your business as desired. Using WholesalesX your usual online store can be converted into a profitable B2B wholesale store.

Key Features of WholesaleX

Whether you’re a small business owner or a large retailer, WholesaleX can help you take your wholesale business to the next level. With its numerous useful features, this plugin will help you to maximize your profit and business ROI.

Saving time and money while growing your business, WholesaleX is packed with a range of features to update your wholesale venture, including;

Dynamic Rules

The lively rule system permits setting pricing and discounts enthusiastically for precise or numerous users and products.

User Roles

You can craft several user roles and offer dissimilar services for unalike user roles.

Registration Form

Build a custom registration form and then craft a registration page via shortcode.

Tiered Pricing

Set quantity-based tiered pricing enthusiastically or at the item level for particular or various users.

Wallet Management

Let the wholesale buyers add funds to the store wallet and use it for buying products from your store.

Dynamic Wholesale Pricing

Set dynamic wholesale pricing for all products with several options including adding a cut-off price, set category or quality-based pricing, adding prices to particular products, etc. Also, distinguish prices based on users and show prices with/without taxes for payment-based options.


Let your customer connect with you concerning any question or negotiation using the built-in messaging option.

Why You’ll Use WholesaleX?

There are several reasons why WholesaleX is the ultimate solution for your wholesale business. Here are some of the key benefits;

Save Time & Money

WholesaleX makes your online store stand out from the competition with its outstanding features while saving time and money and maximizing ROI.

Payment Method

Control payment systems available for users and products.

Product Visibility

Show or hide products from guests or any other users.

Tax Exemptions

Exempt taxes for particular products or users if necessary.

Custom Fields

Add limitless fields to the B2B registration form.

Tiered Pricing Method

Set tiered pricing worldwide or at the product level.

Price Range

Assign your preferred price range for precise or all products.

Email Notifications

Enable/disable email notifications for customers and admin.


Safe your B2B store from the risk of spam and abuse.

Free Shipping

Offer free shipping for users or a group of users.

Minimum Purchase Rules

Set most miniature purchase rules required to avail discounts.

Lifetime Updates

Receive lifetime updates and new features at no additional cost. This ensures you always have access to the latest tools and resources to grow your wholesale business.

How To Get Started With WholesaleX?

Getting started with WholesaleX is easy. Here’s how;

  • Sign up for WholesaleX– Visit their website and sign up for their lifetime deal. You’ll receive access to their platform and all its features.
  • Set Your Plan– Find and select the subscription plan that fit best your business.
  • Search for Options– Use the WholesaleX dashboard to find the options you need for your business.
  • Use Your Preferred Options– Use options that are positive for your business.
  • Grow Your Business– Accessing and using needful options; easily grow your wholesale business.

WholesaleX is best for

  • Dropshippers.
  • Marketers.
  • Online business owners.
  • Digital store owners.
  • Others are related to online business.

WholesaleX Price

WholesaleX didn’t reveal their product price in public, however, you might go to their website, sign in, and see their latest pricing with Lifetime deal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Choose WholesaleX?

Because WholesaleX is the humblest solution for you if you want to create a B2B, B2C, or B2B and B2C hybrid store in WooCommerce.

Is there any Refund Policy?

Yes, they have a 14-day easy refund policy. So you can easily claim a refund within 14 days of the purchase date, and they will give you 100% of your money if you are eligible.

What will happen To my site when The 1-year site license expires?

Your site will work as usual even after the 1-year site license expires. However, you will no longer be able to use the pro features.

Do I need coding knowledge to use WholesaleX?

No coding knowledge is required to use the WholesaleX plugin. However, you can quickly start using all the features if you know how to use WordPress and WooCommerce.

Can I use WholesaleX without WooCommerce?

No, you must build your store using WooCommerce. Without that, you cannot use the WholesaleX plugin to enjoy the B2B features.

Can I run a B2B and B2C store together?

Yes, you run a B2B and B2C store together using WholesaleX. It is a fast-mode switching option between B2B, B2C, and B2B+B2C Hybrid.

Can I add WholesaleX To my existing store?

You can easily add WholesaleX to your existing store if you have made your store in WordPress using WooCOmmerce.

WholesaleX Review | Finale Thought

WholesaleX Lifetime Deal is the ultimate solution for your online business. With an inclusive platform and lifetime access, WholesaleX offers a cost-effective solution that simplifies your dropshipping venture.

You’ll have access to use a wide range of products, and a user-friendly dashboard to manage your orders and track shipments. Plus, with lifetime updates and new features, you’ll always have the latest tools and resources to grow your business.

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