Top 5 SaaS Tools Every Startup Needs To Maximize ROI In 2024

Here are the top 5 SaaS tools every startup needs that we use at the SaaS Story to increase efficiency and grow our business.

If you are looking for some SaaS tools that provide a host of benefits, simple data conversion, easy-to-install, updates, etc. you have landed at the right place. We listed here the top 5 Saas tools every startup needs.

The SaaS world today is very multifarious. Most of them are exclusive and filled with powerful features and meaning. So finding a Saas tool for a startup can be complicated and even overwhelming. 

Here, we’ve listed the best 5 SaaS tools to scale up your business. But before going with them you must outline your business needs. Then select one or more that best fits your “bang for the buck” opening.

Why Should You Rely On The SaaS Story?

We, the SaaS Story editorial team started with a “taste the water” basis of using related SaaS tools. But after having confidence, we started enjoying the benefits of SaaS tools according to our business requirements.

And then based on our real experience, we detailed here the top 5+ SaaS tools every startup needs to grow their business smoothly. In addition, all elements regarding SaaS tools from our house are exclusively based on practical use.

We never received a single penny from the tools provider or third party. Our aim is to offer the best SaaS solution. We never insist you click on any specific link. We may get a “thank you” bonus (not from your pocket, sure) if you buy/subscribe particular tool.

What Are The SaaS Tools?

SaaS- software-as-a-service tools are a set of software that you can use over a cloud-based platform. SaaS tools were designed to modernize and make smoother your multiple business management.

You can use multiple SaaS tools for small or mid-sized businesses, for big organizations, or even as a startup business. Apart from the free trial, you need to pay subscription fees to use a SaaS service.

Why Do You Need SaaS Tools For Your Startups?

SaaS tool allows you to enjoy tons of benefits like continual updates and integrations. Besides, there is much other logic you’ll need SaaS tools for your startups, whether small, mid-sized, or bigger.

Here are some key benefits of SaaS Tools;

Lessons Manual Work

Most of the SaaS tools have come with automated features. So you don’t need to do boring manual work. MailChimp, for instance, is such a SaaS tool that is used for email automation to rescue you from boring manual jobs.


If you want to scale up your business, a SaaS tool is a big missile for you. You can set up an in-house SaaS tool based on your business growth. But for a small or mid-sized business, it is not a good idea.

It may not be worth it for you. Instead, you can find and pick a SaaS tool providing continuous updates. This model will best fit your business needs and be cost-effective for you.

Multiple Integrations

Most SaaS tools come with multiple integrations you can benefit from. Mixing with third-party tools helps adjust new tools into your business system. They also stop data silos and allow you concurrently enjoy features from diverse tools.


Being a cloud-based ecosystem, SaaS tools are very budget-friendly compared to in-house tools. It will cost you just a tiny part of an in-house tool. Besides, it never costs you for maintenance or updates.

Top 5 SaaS Tools Every Startup Needs To Maximize ROI

We have precisely created a list of the top 5+ must-have SaaS tools that every startup, small, mid-size, and large business can benefit from. Let’s have a look at the tools you can run with for your business;

SaaS Sales Tools

Sales are an inseparable part of any business. You must need the right and reliable tools to make the sales procedure smooth and effective. Among many other SaaS tools, you can use HubSpot for this purpose;


HubSpot is a well-known and frequently used CRM tool for several years. So it won’t wonder us if you previously it. HubSpot offers a set of numerous tools like content marketing & management, customer support, SEO, social media marketing, etc. for your online business.

  • Main Purposes to Use– Data upgrading and managing all the forms under a single umbrella.
  • Best for Medium to large businesses.

Key Features of HubSpot as a SaaS Sales Tool

  • Packed with built-in analytics.
  • Allows you to set job notices to follow up on your leads.
  • Create attractive forms that adjust to customers’ browsing experience and history.
  • Supports launching of numerous forms to translate visitors into leads.
  • Integrates well with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Salesforce, Qualaroo, NetSuite, and more tools.
  • Support email robotics for easy follow-up on users.

Good sides

  • All-in-one integration with other HubSpot tools.
  • Ironic breakdown.
  • Laid-back setting up.


  • The reporting system is a bit complicated.

Price- Starts at $45/month.

Best Alternatives – EngageBay (Sale CRM Tool) and Pipedrive.                    

SaaS Online Survey Tool

SaaS online survey tool is used to collect important data on customers to design/amend new products/services. It is also used for market research, increasing customer experience, lifting customer holding, and cutting bounce rates of websites. Let’s see more insight;


SurveyMonkey is one of the best options for startups among many SaaS tools. It is a feedback survey tool that collects ironic customer and worker data. It ended up with numerous features including market research, user research, etc.

This SaaS survey tool also offers templates for a wide range of use cases like customer preference forms, customer happiness askers, market research surveys, etc.

  • They are used for Market surveys & research, multi-channel surveys, employee feedback management, user research, and more.
  • Best for Small, mid-size, and large businesses.

Why Use SurveyMonkey as SaaS Online Survey Tool

  • Easy to generate tailored surveys.
  • Included features like adding vibrant parts to your surveys including a survey growth bar, scoring mechanism, question randomization, and more.
  • Come with a visual editor for planning surveys.
  • Pre-built expert survey models for a faster survey.
  • Its mastermind engine analyses and guesses the completion rate of surveys by studying the survey gears and skipping logic and dissimilar answer types.
  • Makes the survey job easy to examine data with automatic charts, graphs, and feedback sum-ups.
  • Supports integration with numerous useful tools including Salesforce,, HubSpot, etc.
  • Deals dividing come with language conversion for surveys.


  • Trustworthy.
  • Informal to set up.
  • Secret feedback option.


  • Expensive if you want to use advanced features.
  • Narrow customization.

Price – Starts from $31/month.

Best Alternatives: Picreel, ProProfs Survey Maker, Wootric.

SaaS Internal Communication Tools

These SaaS tools allow the company to keep its internal communication updated on one platform. You can use these tools to boost teamwork within the organization and rationalize your projects and procedures;


Zoom is the most popular video teleconferencing tool and a seamless selection of SaaS tools for your startups. Using Zoom, you can make real-time video and audio calls by simply sharing a link. It’s an excessive teamwork tool for virtual and in-person teams.

  • They mainly were Used for Video meetings, screen sharing, audio call meetings, screen recording, etc.
  • Best for All sizes of businesses.

POS of Zoom As SaaS Internal Communication Tool

  • Allows you to track calls on the web.
  • Provides mobile and web apps and easy setup options.
  • Come with many features including call recording, call blocking, call forwarding, and more.
  • Offers Zoom Phone Hardware as a service.
  • Deals with numerous integrations with other apps like MailChimp, HubSpot, Instagram, etc.
  • Allows you to transform your phone background during meeting calls.


  • Top-notch quality video and audio calls.
  • Allows up to 100 members on a single call.
  • Supports up to 50 breakout rooms for the isolated conference.
  • Ad-free navigation.


  • An Android app could be further spontaneous.
  • Sometimes unsuited with Android and iOS platforms.

Price – Starts from $14.99/month/host.

Best Alternatives: Calendly, Slack.

SaaS Project Management Tools

SaaS project management tools to keep track of your business projects and manage them more resourcefully. So you can operate your venture more profitably. Let’s see more;

ProProfs Project

ProProfs Project is a dependable SaaS project management tool. You can manage and unify work and team up effortlessly within teams. It also allows you to give due dates and monitor the growth of several projects.

At the same time, ProProfs Project simplifies reports examination, tracking deliverables, invoices, and more.

  • Widely Used for Project management, collaboration
  • Apt for All business sizes.

Key Points of ProProfs Project as Project Management Tool

  • Monitor project development from a single place.
  • Estimate delivery dates and move resources, therefore.
  • One dashboard to track and manage projects.
  • Aids track time spent on projects by teams.
  • Supports robotic invoice making.
  • Gathers feedback on jobs over comments and notifies through email notices.
  • Provides data imagining by the Gant chart section.
  • Permits you to measure project development using critical reports.


  • File sharing.
  • Influential reporting.
  • Collection of projects feature.
  • Robotic invoicing.
  • Colour coding to isolate project fundamentals.


  • Occasionally it pauses.
  • Narrow integration options.

Price– Starts from $2/user/month.

Best Alternatives: Asana, ProofHub, Teawork, Trello, Tableau.

SaaS Customer Support Tools

SaaS customer support tools are vital for allowing you to support your team, tracking, and managing tickets more efficiently. Here is an example with details;


With Freshdesk, you can provide great customer service at each touch point. It lets you monitor shoppers’ interactions and message through chat, phone, social media, email, and more.

  • Popular for Tracking & Monitor customer interactions, Omni channel helpdesk, AI Chatbots, etc.
  • Best Fit for Small, mid-size, and big organizations.

Reasons To Use Freshdesk SaaS Customer Support Tool

  • Provides AI Chabot and branded help centres.
  • Support to improve the output of your agents using nifty computerization features.
  • Facilitates you to monitor key performance metrics using analytics.
  • Allows you to transform customer protest emails into tickets.
  • Freshcaller feature integration with Freshdesk lets you take customer phone calls.
  • The Fresh chat feature permits agents to chat with customers to fix their problems.
  • Alters your Twitter mentions, direct messages, and comments into tickets.
  • Missed calls are transformed into tickets.

Good Things

  • Team cooperation.
  • Supports adding to-do jobs in a ticket.
  • Offers cutting-edge robotics of workflow.

Things Should Be Modify

  • Lack of SMS integration.
  • Limited automation.

Price – Starts from $15/month.

Best Alternatives: Salesforce, ProProfs Help Desk, and Zendesk.

Bonus For You

SaaS Email Marketing Tools

Email marketing is a prevalent way to boost conversions. So it is a good idea to get on this trend with top SaaS email marketing tools like MailChimp. Below are the details;


MailChimp is one of the most popular and used all-in-one solutions out there. It provides an AI-powered solution to run your business smoothly. MailChimp lets you send robotic messages and emails to customers and create effective ad campaigns.

Frequently Chosen for Email automation, marketing campaigns, lead forms, targeted ads, and more.

Appropriate for Small to bulky businesses.

The key Features of MailChimp as Saas Email Marketing Tool

  • Offers interactive targeting to send emails.
  • Supports sending postcards, reporting, and designing landing pages, performing analytics, etc.
  • Allows you to send a high volume of robotic outbound emails.
  • Deals with mobile preview.
  • Supports you identify emails.
  • Helps perform A/B testing and elementary reporting.
  • Supports craft ad campaigns in MailChimp and publishes posts on several social media.
  • Facilitates you to send preset follow-up emails to support customers over their buying experience.
  • Includes drag-and-drop builder and email models.

Good Going

  • The free trial supports up to 2000 contacts.
  • Modify models with HTML/CSS editor.
  • Ad campaign analytics.

Not So Good

  • The models are very plain.
  • The mobile app comes with narrow features.

Price – Starts from $9.99/month.

Best Alternatives: Active Campaign.

SaaS SEO & Digital Marketing Tools

There are tons of popular and reliable SaaS SEO & digital marketing tools that you can use to boost lead generation, conversion, and customer retention. Let’s read about the best one of them;


Unquestionably Semrush is the most prevalent SEO tool for businesses. It comes with many add-ons and with 50+ other products for content, paid ads, social media, PPC keyword research, etc. It integrates effortlessly with Google.

  • Frequently used for SEO, Market research, keyword research, etc.
  • Ideal fit for Mid-sized to large businesses.

Selling Points of Semrush as Saas SEO & Digital Marketing Tool

  • Enable you to do a competitive research analysis.
  • All keyword activates various SEPR features.
  • Supports you find long-tail keywords and discover each keyword’s seasonality.
  • Allows you to find MSV- Monthly Search Volume and CPC- Cost-per-click for every keyword.
  • Provides on-page SEO tracker, project dashboard, keywords alerts, position tracker, and more.
  • Comes with a rank tracker, link tracker, keyword magic and tagging, traffic percentage metric, site audit, etc.  
  • Help you grow organic visitor insights and offer a domain outline.
  • Packed with a content marketing toolkit and SEO content template.
  • Helps content optimization and interface language choice.

Things Gone Right

  • Visibility report.
  • PPC rival tracking.
  • Comprehensive position tracking tool.

Things could be good

  • A bit costly for some features.
  • A bit difficult to use.

Price – Starts from $119.95/month. A trial version is available.

Best alternatives: Screaming Frog SEO Spider and Ahrefs.

Some Other SaaS Tools to Scale Your Business

SaaS Social Media Management Tools

Social media is the best platform where most business shows their products to attract visitors and convert. But businesses have many accounts on diverse social media, so becomes tough to handle them all.

SaaS social media management tools can rescue you from this issue. There are tons of SaaS management tools like Buffer, Hootsuite, etc. that you can use for this purpose.

Live Chat Tools

Over 33% of customers switch their brands due to bad customer service experience- do you want this for your business, of course, not? SaaS live chat tools like LiveChat, Zendesk Suite, etc. that you can use to power your support tasks and make your customer satisfied.

Human Resource Management Tools

Similar to all jobs, the human resource management job needs to be managed and tracked for smooth & effective business procedures. SaaS tools like Microsoft SharePoint HRMS can be used to do the job efficiently.

SaaS E-commerce Tools

Trades use SaaS E-commerce tools including Square, Shopify, etc. to digitally precede payment formalities on their online store and mobile apps.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are SaaS Consent Management Tools?

It is vital for businesses to build customer faith and also stay lawfully compliant. CMP- A consent Management Platform like Cookie Yes is a SaaS tool that can help you with this concern.

How To Find The Right SaaS Tool To Grow Your Business?

First, you need to identify your business requirements. Based on your business products/services, you may need to go with multiple tools that fit best with your business needs. Just be sure that you analyze your business needs properly.

Bottom Lines

Day by day we are getting access to new SaaS tools more than ever before. So we listed here the top 5 SaaS tools every startup needs regardless of size and type of business or services you provide. Hope it will help you.

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