Voicera Lifetime Deal | Give voice to your articles and blog

Do you want to make a life-like voice transcript for your content with a single click? Are you struggling to insert your voice into your article and blog to raise readers’ engagement? Use Voicera, the innovator of the Enterprise Voice Assistant- EVA.  

I’m happy to introduce you Voicera Lifetime Deal– the game-changer AI-powered voice-creating tools at an affordable price. Say bye-bye to manually scrawling down notes and hug the future of active teamwork to maximize your business returns.

What is Voicera?

Founded in 2017, Voicera is an AI technology company based in Menlo Park, CA. Voicera use of AI-powered technology to bind voice in the office, joining meetings with the rest of your team. Voicera helps your talk turn into action anywhere.

This is done for both person and the company.  Voicera listens, takes notes, and robotically delivers those as voice to continue/activate your meetings. With Voicera, writers and bloggers can embed a life-like voice transcript straight into their blogs and content.

Voicera Is Best For

  • Enterprise
  • Bloggers
  • Content writers
  • Advertisers
  • Marketers
  • Business owners of all sizes
  • dropshippers

Why do I strongly recommend Voicera for you?

Attract and retain more users on your website

With Voicera, you can appeal to more users who prefer listening over reading, as it lets them multitask and read content in their busy schedules. This also allows your readers to spend more time on your website and increases the number of pages they visit.

Engage more readers

Audio content has pointedly negative effects on both user engagement and search engine optimisation (SEO. This inventive tool allows you to easily add life-like voice transcripts to your articles and blogs with just a single click. By offering an audio option, you are allowing your users to multitask while listening to your content.

AI-powered technology to boost your brand

With this AI-powered tool, you can easily and automatically boost your brand’s image and reach a wider target audience. So you can run with the race, where audio content’s popularity is growing drastically.

Multilingual accents and dialects for a wide range of readers

Voicera comes with over 200 pronunciations and dialects, providing content for different users who might not have the time to read it. But with Voicera-crafted audio content, you can easily grab their attention to read your content.

Also, merging reading with listening helps data providers offer data efficiently, get higher readability levels, and get better indexing by search engines. In addition, Voicera’s voice dictation is particularly helpful for users with low reading skills.


The best part about Voicera is that it’s very easy to use and does not require any technical or coding knowledge. All you need to do is copy and paste your article’s link into the Voicera dashboard. And then select a voice, and it will promptly provide an AI-generated voice transcript. This feature lets your readers listen to your content while they’re busy with other jobs.

Extremely affordable

Voicera is now offering a lifetime deal for only $29 as a one-time payment. This is the best chance to embed a life-like voice transcript into your blogs and articles. This deal includes access to over 50 international languages and dialects, sex- and age-based voice pronunciation changes, and compatibility with other running apps.

Control your content

Using Voicera, you have full control over the voice player’s speed and experience tailored dashboards for each account. Additionally, you will gain access to an excess of premium tools and services at a highly reduced rate, making it the best investment for your blogs.

Reduce bounce rates on your site

Reducing bounce rates is crucial for any website. This is because it directly impacts user site rankings, engagement, and site profitability. Voicera helps reduce website bounce rates and improve business performance.

By integrating voice transcripts into your blogs and articles, Voicera allows users to multitask while reading your content. This extra suitability leads to better engagement and a nourishing user experience, which in turn reduces bounce rates and boosts site profits.

Voicera Key Features

One-click tool for life-like voice transcript

Voicera is an innovative one-click AI tool that offers life-like voice transcripts for your blogs and articles. This user-friendly tool allows you to engage your audience effortlessly by offering them the option to multitask while consuming your content.


Thanks to Voicera for its lightweight design So inserting Voicera into your website needs consideration for less than 3 kilobytes of data, which is an unnatural addition to the performance load.

Always-growing multilingual functionality

Voicera’s in-built multilingual aptitude allows you to pick from over 10 languages and voice versions, which is outstanding. Though enterprise-level users who may have a wider reach across the world need further However, for businesses licenced, there are more than 200 diverse languages and tongues to pick from, and their library is constantly growing.

Outstanding customer support

Depending on your pricing plan, Voicera offers you the support contract that best suits your requirements. Presently, there are 3 tiers of support they offer that relate to the different pricing plans:

Basic: This is best-effort support for the free licence option. While you are getting support, there is no urgency on items deferred to this way.

Priority: It is the next step from the basic support option that is linked with pro licencing. There is better attention placed on support tickets that are submitted by priority users. But, there is not essentially, a line of escalation available.

Dedicated: This is the highest option of support and is included with enterprise licencing. Not only is urgency support settled, but there is a devoted account manager who acts as inside representation for you.

Voicera’s Key Advantages

  • One-click audio embed creator
  • Usual lifelike voices
  • Over 50 international languages and dialects
  • Sex- and age-based voice accent variation
  • 2.2Kb Ultra-light
  • Able to run in the background while other programmers or apps are running.
  • Tailored dashboards for each user
  • Voice player speed control is available

Voicera’s Key Benefits

  • Increase engagement with users or readers
  • Improve brand value
  • More people are listening to audio content daily than ever. This enables your content to reach over 200 million more users globally.
  • Audio content can help your planned message vibrate and lead to better acceptance and holding of your brand image.
  • With at least 2.2 billion people having some form of vision impairment, audio can be hugely helpful to people who find reading tough
  • Great accessibility

What I’ll do with Voicera for the Next 12–24 Months

  • Create informative content with audio support—listen to courses; RSS feed for podcasts
  • Voice-as-a-service API for the masses
  • Vigorous analytics for voice content
  • Adding celeb voices as a transcript service
  • OpenGraph for input voices on social platforms (shareable audio)
  • Link in-voice ads to earn money per ad heeded
  • Make the in-house voice Al
  • Make Voice NFT for articles and sell it to the highest bidder
  • Turn audio into video with graphics and subtitles
  • Alexa-skills subscriptions for reading content
  • Create YouTube for audio

What is the Voicera lifetime deal?

The Voicera lifetime deal refers to a $29 one-time payment and lifetime access to the AI-powered Voicera voice-creating tool.

Voicera Lifetime Deal Details

  • Deal Price: $29 One-time Payment
  • 200K Credits (1 Credit = 1 Word)
  • 50+ global languages and dialects
  • Natural, life-like voices
  • Personalised dashboard
  • Voice speed control
  • Basic support

For more detail, visit Dealmirror.

Voicera Pricing

Voicera offers three pricing packages for its users. The Free, Pro at $9 monthly, and Enterprise packages. They didn’t reveal their Enterprise subscription costs publicly.

However, for detailed pricing, visit their website.

Voicera Review | Wrapping Up!

The Voicera lifetime deal is an ideal option for you if you want to add some makeup to your content by adding a voiceover affordably. So, what are you waiting for? If you want to increase your readers’ engagement and retention, give Voicera a try today.

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