Top 5 AI Content Writing Tools | Everyone Should Know About

AI content writing tools have burst in popularity and efficiency over the last few years. Recent data by VerifiedMarketResearch demonstrate that its market is estimated to grow at a rate (CAGR -Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 26.94% from 2023 to 2030 which will reach $6.464 billion by 2030.

AI writing software now become a must-have tool that you should add to your toolkit. Taking the matter seriously, The SaaS Story listed here the top 5 AI Content Writing Tools everyone should know about.

What is AI Content Writing Software?

AI writing software is a group of tools that allows you to write content faster and better using Artificial Intelligence.

How Does AI Writing Tool Work?

AI writing tools such as content-generating assistant that uses machine learning systems and Artificial Intelligence to generate human-like content.

Benefits of Using AI Content Writing Tool

There are tons of benefits of using AI writing assistant and some of them include;

Saves Time

It enables you to generate quality content in a short time compared to usual as it does all the hard jobs for you. You simply need to input the right direction.

Improved Efficiency

AI writing tool allows you to write human-like quality content faster and more professionally.

Better Quality

It helps to improve your content quality by finding mistakes and advising modifications.

Boost Rankings

Some AI-based content writing tools can help you improve your content for better SEO rankings.

Enhance Writing Style

It also helps you mend your writing style and avoid grammatical errors that humans tend to make frequently.

How We Tested The Best AI Content Writing Tool?

Our goal was to itemize the best AI writing tools that offer more than usual features. So we’ve judged numerous sides including the number of writing patterns, grammar checkers, methods, number of languages supported, classes, and more.

We also verified the whole features of the AI like interface, SEO ranking features, monthly article limits, user-friendliness, pricing, and more. Likewise, we gave each tool a test article to write for us and checked its sentence structure and content relevance.

Top 5 AI Content Writing Tools You Want To Use

Content Stack

The other great AI content writing software Content Stack helps you create the best-quality and human-like content with just a few clicks. With Content Stack, you can craft infinite content to take your website to the next level.

Content Stack Key Features

  • AI-powered AI writing assistant that creates high-quality, engaging content in minutes.
  • Content Stack allows you to create content for blog posts, emails, articles, other text-based documents, and more.
  • This advanced AI content writing tool comes with an easy-to-use interface that seamlessly alliance with Windows, Linux, and Mac.
  • Content Stack is such AI-powered writing software for tailored content creation in several languages.
  • Write unique articles that convert as many as you need with your specific open AI API key; just pay for the tool and use your key.

Content Stack Subscription Plans & Pricing

Content Stack Lifetime Deal at $39 (Regular Price: $348) which is ending soon. See more details of features included in each plan here.


AIHero is one of the top-rated AI-powered content writing tools that help you create quality engaging content for your blogs, social media, marketing & sales purposes, emails, product descriptions, etc. It pointedly saves your time in creative writing.

AIHero Key Features

  • AIHero ChatGPT-4 combines the power of cutting-edge AI technology that reforms the way your content creation.
  • Using AIHero, you can tap into the vast perspective of GPT-4 and renovate your content that you might never think.
  • It boosts your writing skill with the advanced AI language model.
  • With this intelligent writing software, you never need to log in to ChatGPT. Also, AIHero works great with all MacOS + Windows.

AIHero Subscription Plans & Pricing

Tier – 2 at $10.00 (Instead of $199.00) for 10PC

Tier – 1 at $4.00 (Instead of $99.00) for 1PC

Tier – 3 at $25.00 (Instead of $299.00) for Unlimited PC

See details of features included in each plan here


WordArt AI is a game-changing AI-based writing tool to write original content. With WordArt, you can write content and blog posts for your website, blogs, social platforms, and more in no time.

WordArt Key Features

  • WordArt AI allows you to create text-to-image images easily and use a cutting-edge AI image editor that works using text prompts.
  • WordArt enhances your brand image by creating images that look further eye-catchy, trustworthy, and steady to your audience.
  • It creates high-quality images just with a few clicks. Its advanced AI algorithm allows you to craft the best-quality images using simple text.
  • WordArt allows brainstorming faster than ever to write quality content. This ground-breaking AI makes it easy to repurpose content, blog posts, and articles, copy and publish anywhere with any language.

WordArt Subscription Plans & Pricing

Tier-1: $69 LTD (Instead of $699)

Tier-2: $345 LTD (Instead of $3495)

Tier-3: $690 LTD (Instead of $6990)

See details of features included in each plan here

Zavier AI

Zavier AI is a high-tech AI writing tool. It mixed the skills of AI technology and NLP- Natural language processing to shorten boring tasks. This revolutionary AI software exposes major insights from data to lift your writing skills.

Zavier AI Key Features

  • Zavier AI content writing tool featured NLP abilities. So it can detect and study human language, letting you well-organized messages and data mining.
  • It allows you to create winning and attractive content which is important to drive and retain traffic to your site.
  • This AI writing assistant improves your content writing skills with a set of powerful keyword research and optimization for SEO ranking.
  • Zavier AI pushes your website’s SEO jobs to take it to the next level. Its smart algorithm evaluates your site’s structure, headings, and Meta tags, with other vital elements, to advance your website’s overall SEO score.

Zavier AI Subscription Plans & Pricing

For various types of Zavier AI pricing packages and their included features, click here.


Shopia is another great AI-based SEO and content-creating software to create top-quality articles in no time. Anyway of niche, it can write 100% unique, high-quality, SEO-friendly, and plagiarism-free content.

Shopia Key Features

  • Shopia’s long-form editor allows you to pick from 50+ AI writers, including bulk authors, and link them to write any type of engaging content.
  • Shopia included GPT-3, the Rolls Royce of natural language AI models, to write the most unique, natural, and top-quality content.
  • This revolutionary writing tool lets you send and schedule your content to anywhere you desire with integrations to 5000+ apps via Zapier.
  • Shopia is packed with 80+ content writing patterns to help you write articles, blog posts, and more as much as you need.

Shopia Subscription Plans & Pricing

Shopia Lifetime Subscription at $49 (Instead of $468)

Shopia Lifetime Subscription (2 Codes) at $98 (Instead of $936)

Shopia Lifetime Subscription (3 Codes) at $147 (Instead of $1404)

Shopia Lifetime Subscription (4 Codes) at $196 (Instead of $1872)

Shopia Lifetime Subscription (5 Codes) at $245 (Instead of $2340)

See details of features included in each plan here.

Best AI Content Writing Tools Buying Guide 2024

How to select the best AI writing software?

Here are some vital factors you should remember when selecting the AI writing assistant for you. Let’s get this out of the way;


AI software that doesn’t need any technical knowledge or previous experience should be the top priority.


Quality output even though, ends of the day; you will be editing the content the tool provides. So having an AI writing tool that makes quality content will lessen your effort in fixing errors.


Though not for all, however, price should play a major role in deciding which AI writing tool to go for. Pay attention to your payment which is justified by the amount of content you are getting.


Make sure that the AI writing assistant integrates well with your existing toolbox. It can particularly be important for how long and how well you apply the AI software.

Is AI writing tool good enough for content writers?

AI writing tool makes a great balance to content writing; it helps create blog posts, ads, landing pages, and more. It could fulfill the content creator’s dreams.

Top 5 AI Content Writing Tools 2024 | Ending Thoughts

Don’t worry; AI writing software is not going to steal your job. Instead, it’s a great option to enhance your writing skill. Find your best fit among our Top 5 AI Content Writing Tools and allow AI to make your life easier and extra creative.

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