Timetics Lifetime Deal In 2024 | WordPress Appointment Booking Plugin

You will always want to grow your business smoothly. The optimum use of technology can help you do so. The Timetics plugin is one of them. If you run a business that relies on booking, the Timetics Lifetime Deal is ideal for you.

In addition, using a WordPress appointment plugin is a smart choice if you run a WordPress business website. This is why The SaaS Story is happy to introduce this game-changing job booking plugin that transforms the way your business operates.

What is Timetics?

Timetics is a progressive job booking plugin with a seat plan solution for WordPress. Add meetings, manage bookings, and get paid via Stripe. If you are a professional who needs appointment bookings, Timetics has you fully covered.


  • Limitless Bookings– For any meeting, you can take unlimited bookings. This is the way you manage several parties based on your business. It doesn’t cost you extra to take advantage of limitless booking facilities.
  • Boundless Meetings– Using Timetics, the sky is the limit when taking on new members in any meeting. It permits you to schedule unlimited meetings with unlimited participants, regardless of their length.
  • Date and Time Format Support– Timetics supports various date formats. You can add an altered time to your booking. It also supports both 12-hour and 24-hour time formats.
  • Email Notification Staff– If you add a new member to your meeting, your staff will get an email notification. They simply needed to click on the given link to ratify their membership.

Why Do You Need A WordPress Booking Plugin?

An upright WordPress job booking plugin can simplify your overall business operation. If used properly, it can even be a great tool to scale your business;

Lessen Human Faults

With Timetics, human faults will be reduced drastically. You do not need to always give your staff notices of meetings or other related tasks. Instead, the Timetics algorithm will do the job nicely and timely as well.

Easy to Gather Business Information

The Timetics plugin allows you to check among your team members who are getting more clients, which job most clients are interested in, the time when you’re getting the most bookings and more. So you can make a data-driven decision.

Get Payments Easily

Getting payments is much easier using a seamless job booking plugin like Timetics. This amazing plugin is a comprehensive package of automated payment courses with payment gateways, so don’t worry about it.

24/7 Booking Support

With Timetics, you can easily book a job at any given time. You simply need to check out the next jobs to settle with your partners at any time you prefer.

Timetics Plugin; Enjoy the Game-Changing Booking Plugin

Team Members Managing

Using Timetics, you can add as many team members as your business needs. All your team members will have a specific profile to identify and make the operation smooth.

Date and Time Format support

Timetics supports numerous date formats. You can add your preferred time to your job booking. Timetics supports both the 12-hour and 24-hour formats.

Booking Position Displayed in the Booking List

You can even display the job booking position in the booking list. This is a very helpful feature for handling bookings effortlessly.

Add Extra Notes on the Booking

With Timetics, adding extra notes becomes a breeze. Particularly if it’s a meeting-related booking, adding extra notes helps a lot. Timetics makes it easy for you.

Team Members Email Notification

If you add a team member to your meeting, he or she will get an update email. The new member simply needs to click on the given link to certify their membership.

Sales Performance Analytics

Using Timetics analytics, you can see the sales performance of your business at a glance and take the necessary actions.

Customer Email Notification

Timetics come with a reflex update feature that helps you save time and makes it easy to accomplish meetings and appointment bookings. This feature lets you send an update to the meeting attendee automatically.

Google Meet Integration

The easy integration with Google Meet allows you to set up and manage your job bookings easily. Now you can manage your online events with the most popular and free meeting platform, Google Meet.

Stripe Payments Integration

With Timetics, you can get job payments using Stripe payment gateways on your website without any hassle.

Availability Managing

Managing a meeting schedule according to your availability is easy with Timetics. It also allows you to share your readiness with others and plan meetings quickly and simply.

Meeting Schedule Short Code Added

You can use shortcodes to show the meeting schedule on another page of your website. You just need to set up the meeting, copy the meeting short code, and paste it into the page where you want to show it.

Google Calendar Integration

Timetics allows you to streamline meeting or job schedule management with the most popular Google calendar. You can easily keep your calendar in sync across all devices by integrating your Google Calendar account, certifying that all your booked meetings and dealings are up-to-date.

Timetics Integrations

Timetics integrates easily with the most essential and popular platforms, including;

Stripe Payment

Integrate with Stripe payment getaways and get your payments from your meetings hassle-free.

Google Meet

Integrate your Timetics with the most popular online meeting platform, Google Meet, and experience the new era of digital collaboration.

Google Calendar

You can easily manage your meetings with Google Calendar. For that, you just need to add your upcoming meetings to your personal calendar, and voila.


By integrating this platform with Timetics, you can sell graphic area-based tickets.

Timetics is best for

The startup, small to large team, or own business—Timetics is right for all of the business operations that need booking.

How Does Timetics Work?

The working style of Timetics is easy and straightforward. If you are already using a WordPress website, it will take no time; just install and activate Timetics.

Follow the below steps and see how it works;

  • Go to the WordPress dashboard, then Plugins, and click on Add New.
  • Go to your WordPress search box and type Timetics. In the search result, you’ll see the Timetics Plugin.
  • Click on Install, and then click on the Activate button to activate the plugin.

Add Team Members

  • Go to Timetics- StaffsAdd New. You will see a form here. Fill out the form and click on Invite Staff Member.
  • An invitation email will be sent to your staff member. If he or she accepts the invitation, give them a warm welcome.

Setup Your Availability

  • Go to Timetics- Staffs. There you will see two buttons- Manage and Remove. Click on Manage, and it will show your profile information. Now, go to Availability.
  • You will find two options- Default Availability and Customize Availability. Choose any one you prefer, set your availability, and then click on Update Availability.

Timetics Plugin Lifetime Deal In 2024

Choose a plan that suits your business needs;

Basic @$199 One-time Payment

(Best for individual freelancers)

  • 2 Sites
  • Lifetime Support
  • Lifetime Updates

Advanced @$299 One-time Payments

(Best for small businesses and startups)

  • 10 Sites
  • Lifetime Support
  • Lifetime Updates

Agency @$599 in One-time Payments

(Best for large agencies)

  • 100 Sites
  • Lifetime Support
  • Lifetime Updates
  • Guarantee Image

You can also go for the Annual Price instead of the LTD. See more on Arraytics.com.

Note: All Timetics prices come with a 15-day money-back guarantee!

Experience Timetics Pro for 15 days! If it does not suit your business, get a refund.

Upcoming Features of Timetics

Below are the upcoming features of Timetics;

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) Integration
  • CRM Integration
  • WooCommerce Integration
  • Business-wise Template

Timetics WordPress Plugin Review | Final Thought

In a nutshell, using Timetics, you can run your business operations smoothly. From scheduling meetings, and job bookings, adding staff members and providing them with their own profiles, handling the availability of staff members, making seat plans for your place, getting payment, etc. Timetics made all of these easy.

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