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Are you worried about the slow loading of your website? Do you want to recover your website’s SEO ranking by offering high-quality images to your users? The ShortPixel Lifetime Deal is the one-stop solution you’ve been waiting for.

With ShortPixel, you can reduce image sizes without losing their quality. This option not only improves loading speed but also enhances SEO ranking, resulting in higher conversions, boosting revenue, and maximising profit.

Based on SaaS (Software as a Service), ShortPixel offers image compression over an API that you can access directly or by using several tools that they developed specifically for this purpose. So it is a must-have WordPress tool to use when you start a blog.

What is ShortPixel?

Founded in 2014, ShortPixel is an image optimisation plugin to reduce image file sizes without compromising their quality. ShortPixel optimises images inch by inch, dipping loading times for better SEO ranking and better visibility in search engines.

What does ShortPixel do?

  • Reduce image size without losing image quality.
  • Boost your chance of ranking higher on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

ShortPixel Is Best For?

Website Owners. SEO workers. Social media managers. Bloggers and content creators Online store owners Web Agencies. Content Publishers. Advertisers.

ShortPixel Is An Alternative To

Imagify, TinyPNG, EWWW, and reSmush.

What is The ShortPixel Lifetime Deal?

The ShortPixel Lifetime Deal is a limited-time offer that allows lifetime access to the ShortPixel image optimization plugin for only $19 as a one-time fee. This deal also includes backup folders, monthly credits, and extra credits for bulk optimization, making it the right service to improve your website’s SEO.

What do you get in this deal?

100K image optimization credits Optimize images up to 100MB. Create WebP or AVIF files. Use on multiple websites. (See more on DealMirror.)

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ShortPixel is packed with some tremendous features, including:

Several Compression Levels

ShortPixel provides three different compression levels for your images, i.e., lossless, lossy, or glossy. You can pick one that fits your needs best.

Easy Backup and Return

ShortPixel allows you to back up the original images, which can be returned in one click in case you are not satisfied with the compression level.

Support for Many Image Formats

ShortPixel supports a range of file formats, including JPG, PNG, and GIF. It also allows you to improve PDF documents that you upload to your site.

Switchable Compression Levels

Unlike other image compression tools, ShortPixel allows you to easily switch between all the compression levels without returning the original images.

One Account, Many Sites

You don’t need several ShortPixel accounts for all your sites. Just a single account provides you with an API key that can be used on as many sites as you want. You are simply required to have credits in your account.

Adjust Images

ShortPixel AI can robotically adjust your images according to any screen size. So your images will look great on all devices, including desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

WebP and AVIF Support

ShortPixel supports the WebP and AVIF image formats, which are both intended to offer improved compression and quality compared to traditional JPEG and PNG formats.

Support for Several Platforms Using The API

ShortPixel can integrate with any PHP-based platform to use the power of its API. Its present official API mixes include:

  • Adaptive Images WP Plugin.
  • WordPress Image Optimisation Plugin.
  • ShortPixel App for Zapier.
  • ShortPixel Command Line Tool.
  • ShortPixel Website Optimizer.
  • Post-Reducer API.
  • PHP Client Library.
  • Reducer API.

Why should you buy this deal?

Monetize your website

Earn money with your high-traffic website or blog by improving image quality with ShortPixel. Attracting more traffic and growing potential ad income and sponsored content chances.

Integrate ShortPixel

Take ShortPixel into your web design or development tasks, offering extra value and charging the best for complete optimisation.

Speed up Your Website

Grow traffic to your website with faster loading, boost conversion, and maximise ROI as well.

How does ShortPixel work?

ShortPixel’s compression system is perhaps the best in the industry. Though how their compression system works is something they haven’t completely revealed yet, below is the procedure for how the overall compression usually works:

  1. Pulls the image files you want to compress from its server.
  2. Its advanced system improves the images as per the settings you choose.
  3. Checks and ensures compression.
  4. Replace the previous (uncompressed) image with the compressed image.
  5. The original image is kept in a backup folder on your server.

ShortPixel Plan Details

  • Image optimisation credits can be used to optimise images up to 100MB.
  • Credits can be used to optimise JPEG, PNG, GIF, and PDF files and to create WebP and AVIF files from PNG, JPEG, and GIF images.
  • Credits never expire, and they can be used until they are all exhausted.
  • Each image that is optimised or created will receive one image optimisation credit.
  • Each credit equals 5MB of CDN traffic. That means 100K credits = 500GB of CDN traffic, and 150K credits = 750GB of CDN traffic.
  • ShortPixel Adaptive Images (SPAI) uses CDN traffic, not 1 image = 1 credit.
  • The credits can also be used for Archive Optimizer and Google Drive.
  • The credits can also be used with:
  • ShortPixel Archive Optimizer or with
  • ShortPixel Google Drive Optimizer

See details about this deal (Tier 1 at $19) and more ShortPixel lifetime deals on DealMirror.

ShortPixel Deal Terms

  • Length of access: Credits never expire, and they can be used until they are all exhausted.
  • Redemption Deadline for coupon code: 60 days from purchase.
  • “Stack up to 5 codes.”
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee (for non-Prime Members and Regular Users)
  • 60-day money-back guarantee (for DealMirror Prime members only).

Get five exclusive bonuses only for DealMirror users.

  • Facebook Messenger Bot Marketing Unleashed
  • Computers and technology
  • The Future of the Web
  • WP Support Bot.
  • Easy Survey Generator

ShortPixel Review | Final Words

If you are looking for a dependable and easy-to-use image optimisation plugin for your website, look no further than ShortPixel. With its cutting-edge compression technology and lifetime deals, ShortPixel is the perfect solution for you to improve your website ranking, reduce image file sizes, and boost loading times.

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