PingBell Lifetime Deal | Push Notification Solution For Team

Grab PingBell Lifetime Deal only for $80.99 one-time payment and master your teams’ sales success!

PingBell ensures faster notifications to your team if a deal happens on your website or app. So team members can stay in touch. With 5,000+ popular apps and easy integrations, Pingbell ensures modifiable prompts, sound notifications, and conversion data work dreamily for your team.

If you want to boost sales, improve teamwork, or just track your team’s successes, PingBell got you fully covered. 

What is PingBell?

PingBell’s are modifiable push notifications that notify full teams when a deal occurs on a website, app, or web form. With easy integration ability to the leading 5000+ apps, PingBell is the easiest way to keep your team aligned in an exciting and lively way.


  • Simply integrates with more than 5,000 most popular apps.
  • Ensure instant alerts, customizable prompts, conversions data, and improvement of team performance with limitless team members.
  • Featuring prompt sound notification which creates strong sale culture and boost team performance. 

PingBell Best for

  • Sales Teams
  • Marketing Professionals
  • E-commerce Businesses
  • Mobile App Developers
  • Customer Support
  • Success Teams

PingBell System Requirements

Android 5.0 or later, iOS 12.0 or later, Web

PingBell Integrations

5000+ Integrations

What you’ll get for $80.99 One-Time Payment

  • 5 PingBells
  • Unlimited team members
  • Unlimited sound notification options

How PingBell Works?

  • Make a new PingBell – Name your PingBell, Choice a custom sound, add an exciting text prompt and then add your team members.
  • Link your PingBell to a Webhook – Copy & Paste the PingBell notification URL into the Webhook field of your chosen app or service. Then select the event that wills “Make Your PingBell Ring”.
  • Get notified and see stats – Get a prompt notification every time an event is activated. Review the sum of PingBells tracked in your dashboard.

Key Benefits of Using Pingbell

Increase Customer Engagement: PingBell’s real-time notifications and instant follow-ups help to increase customer engagement.

Improve Revenue: Pingbell allows you to include unlimited team members and all-in-one integrations to start exploiting your sales prospect and maximize ROI.

Instant Alerts: Get notified instantly when deals happen.

Customizable Prompts: State a custom text prompt for every PingBell you make.

Conversions Data: See the entire notifications every one of your PingBells got over time.

Sound Notifications: Receive immediate customizable audio pings on your smartphone.

Limitless Team Members: Let your full team know when a transaction happens.

Boundless Integrations: Directly integrate the notification URL with any of the 5,000+ leading integrations and experience the best ping ever.

Upturn Conversion Rates: With real-time notifications from PingBell, you can punctually reply to customer actions and ensure more deals. 

Enjoy your success with the people you love: With PingBell your total team gets notified instantly every time a deal ensues on your website or app. 

What More You Can Do With PingBell? 

Enhance Sales Policies: PingBell’s conversion data and insights allow you to examine trends, find successful sales strategies, improve your business policies accordingly, and make data-driven decisions. 

Improve Teamwork: PingBell fosters team collaboration and teamwork within sales teams. It enables your team to celebrate successes together, stay informed in real-time, and collaborate more efficiently.

Upsell and Cross-sell Chances: PingBell’s immediate notifications allow you to discover opportunities for upselling or cross-selling to current customers.

Increase Customer Retention: PingBell’s real-time notifications allow you quickly respond to customer concerns, offer first-rate support accordingly, and improve the total customer experience.

Referral and Word-of-Mouth Marketing: Due to your excellent service, happy customers are more likely to mention others about your products or services. So, the chance of more sales, more revenue, and better ROI.

Make Strong Sales Culture: Selling anything is never easy. And a wonderful prompt sound notification is the best way to celebrate every sale and deal including;

  • Subscriptions
  • New Sign-Ups
  • New Orders
  • New Downloads
  • New Leads
  • New Installs

PingBell Use Cases 

  • E-commerce Sales Optimization
  • Team Collaboration and Motivation
  • Lead Generation Tracking
  • Sales Performance Analysis
  • Seamless Workflow Integration
  • Customer Success and Support
  • Event Registration and Attendance Tracking
  • Affiliate Marketing Management
  • Team Performance Tracking
  • Subscription Renewal and Churn Prevention
  • Sales Pipeline Management

PingBell Important Details

  • Access Options: desktop & mobile
  • Max number of device(s): 3
  • Version: 1.0.4
  • Updates included

PingBell Pricing Plan Details 

PingBell Team Plan for $80.99 Pay Once – Tier 1

  • 5 PingBells
  • Unlimited team members
  • Unlimited sound notification options

PingBell Business Plan for $170.99 Pay Once – Tier 2

  • 15 PingBells
  • Unlimited team members
  • Unlimited sound notification options

PingBell Deal Terms

  • Lifetime Access
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee (For Non-Prime Members/Regular users).
  • 60 Days Money Back Guarantee (For DealMirror Prime Members Only).

PingBell Review | Bottom Lines

Using PingBell, you can keep your full team in the loop with prompt notifications when a transaction happens on your website or app which is crucial for your business.

So what are you waiting for? Just get Pingbell Lifetime Deal and enjoy a new era of professional teamwork!

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