Instagram Automator Lifetime Deal | Instagram Automation Tool

Instagram Automator Lifetime Deal is the best way to take your Instagram game to the next level. This powerful tool helps you to touch your targeted audiences on Instagram with ease and affordably.

This game-changing platform allows you to enjoy the power of genuine Instagram users, long-term growth, greater engagement, and ample control over your Instagram account.

What is Instagram Automator?

Instagram Automator is the no.1 tool enabling you to reach your targeted audience with ease. Use Instagram Automator for your Instagram account and rule over your Instagram bot’s activity.


  • Use on Many Instagram Accounts
  • Follow Targeted Accounts and Unfollow Fake Accounts
  • Engage with Posts via Hashtags
  • Take Out Bogus Followers

Key Features of Instagram Automator

Increase your Instagram presence

Instagram Automator helps boost your Instagram game. This great tool is packed with a complete host of features designed to help you engage with your followers and target new users.

Using its options like Safety Auto Follow, Auto Unfollow, and Auto Like posts, you can simplify your social media activity and focus on crafting great content.

Rule over your Instagram account

Take full control in your hands – adapt your Instagram bot activity that fits your brand, style, particular target, and needs. This user-friendly tool comes with tutorials every step of the way. So you’ll expect to see constant growth in your following over time. 

This incredible tool can also randomize the newest systems and target particular users, making it an ideal choice for increasing your online presence. It allows you to enjoy more control over your Instagram activity.

Enjoy the power of actual Instagram users

Remove fake followers and get actual followers who want to engage with your content. This powerful tool truly inspires sincere Instagram users to engage back with you and grow likes, comments, DMs, and followers on your page.

Follow or unfollow targeted users

Instagram Automator lets you decide to follow or unfollow your targeted users, like posts from the feed, engage with users who posted to particular hashtags, follow or like posts of likers and commenters on any Instagram account, and more.

Target precise users on the Instagram game

It allows you to target precise users to follow, like, or unfollow based on;

  • Number of followers
  • Number of following
  • Number of posts
  • Follow ratio
  • Number of mutual followers
  • Last posted (days ago)
  • Has profile picture
  • Has no profile picture
  • Public accounts
  • Private accounts
  • Verified accounts
  • Non-verified accounts
  • Business accounts
  • Non-business accounts
  • Matches (custom) link in bio,
  • Business Category

30-day credit back guarantee

It comes with a hassle-free 30-day Credit Back Guarantee. You simply need to drop a message and they’ll make sure to process the refund as soon as possible.

How does it work?

With Instagram Automator, you’ll touch the targeted audience in 3 easy steps-

  1. Search for a competitor account or any account you want to target.
  2. Extract Target Accounts from their followers or likers using our powerful filters.
  3. Let Instagram Automator to AutoEngage with those targeted accounts, to increase your followers and sales.

Instagram Automator Lifetime Deal at $99 (Formerly $999)

  • Instagram Automator – Lifetime Subscription
  • All Future Updates
  • Priority Support
  • Use on Multiple Instagram Accounts
  • Follow & Unfollow Targeted Accounts
  • Follow or Like Posts of Likers and Commenters on Any Instagram Account
  • Like Posts From Feed
  • Engage with Posts via Hashtags
  • Remove Fake Followers
  • Undo Mass Pending Follow Requests
  • Block a Whole List of Users
  • Target Accounts According to Number of Followers, Number of Following, or Number of Posts
  • Target Accounts According to Has Profile Picture or Has No Profile Picture
  • Target Accounts According to Public/Private, Verified/Non-Verified, or Business/Non-business
  • Target Accounts According to Follow/Not Follows Me or Followed/Not Followed by Me
  • Target Accounts According to Follow Ratio, Number of Mutual Followers, or Last Posted (days ago)
  • Target Accounts According to Matches (Custom) Link in Bio, Text in Bio, or Business Category
  • Works in Your Browser via Chrome Extension
  • Your IP Address (Safe)
  • 30-day Credit Back Guarantee
  • You must redeem your code(s) within 60 days of purchase

Instagram Automator Review | Conclusion

Buy Instagram Automator Lifetime Deal and join the rising community of 23,519+ influencers and businesses who using this tool to boost their Instagram game. Its powerful features enable you to boost your Instagram presence and dance ahead of your competition.

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