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Are you struggling to link your team’s different networks and areas in your busy schedule for group meetings? Do you want all your meeting attendees to vote for their chosen time and join the meeting on time? Well, we’ve got the right solution for you!

Meet Fixatime, is a user-friendly meeting scheduling tool for those like you who value privacy, flexibility, and control over their meetings. This article, the Fixatime Lifetime Deal, is all about the tool, its features, and costs that help you make a data-focused decision.

What is Fixatime?

Fixatime is game-changing software for scheduling meetings that were designed for businesses that highly prioritise control and flexibility along with ease and better privacy. This inventive time-zone management tool makes it the perfect option for ordering calls globally.

Fixatime Key Features

Schedule meetings around the globe with ease

Say goodbye to sudden bookings and hello to Fixatime! It allows you to only share the time you fixed for the meeting, keeping the rest of your calendar under wraps. Fixatime’s meek and fast onboarding algorithm means no more complex setups. Besides, Fixatime respects users’ privacy, encrypts data, and never stores your calendar information.

Schedule under full control

Fixatime enables your full control over meeting scheduling instead of surprising bookings. It dynamically suggests your time slots while forecasting a meeting. Continually know how much of your time the other one gets.

Avoid dual-booked

Match up to six diverse calendars, both Google and Outlook, to be in full control of all your actions from a single place. Fixatime checks your availability across all your linked calendars and confirms the lack of dual booking.

Goodbye, Google time zones

With its integral time zone converter, plan a meeting at a suitable time for everyone. Check all meetings from all your calendars in different time zones. Pick up to three preferred time zones to see how your meetings look for all your patrons worldwide.

Fixatime Integrations

  • Outlook Calendar.
  • Google Calendar.
  • Zoom Integration (coming soon).
  • Microsoft Teams Integration (Coming Soon).

Why Fixatime is The Best Meeting Scheduling Tool?

This is because of mainly two reasons: first, it allows you full control and flexibility over your meeting schedule. And the other one is that you can schedule any type of meeting wherever and whenever you need. Let’s see more.

Further Control And Flexibility


Fixatime respects their users’ privacy, which is why they never store the data from their calendar and use encryption while working with it anywhere.


Never share your whole calendar, and always know how much of your availability other people see getting booked.

User-friendly interface

Fast and simple onboarding, no complex meeting types or drawn-out setups, that’s why their users choose them over other scheduling tools available in the industry.

Schedule meetings of any type

One-on-one meetings

Find and send available time slots without sharing your whole calendar.

Group meetings

Organize group meetings in just a few clicks by sharing a desirable time slot with the group.

Group Polling

Schedule any group meetings, taking into account invitees’ availability, with group polls.

Fixatime Road To Use

  • Business Meetings.
  • Personal Scheduling.
  • Remote Work.
  • Client Meetings.
  • Job Interviews.

Fixatime Lifetime Deal @$39 Includes

  • Sync up to six different calendars.
  • A single dashboard with all your events from all calendars.
  • Toggle off or on between different calendars.
  • Outlook calendar integration.
  • Google Calendar integration.
  • Unlimited Scheduling.
  • One-on-one meetings.
  • Group Meetings.
  • Group Meeting Polls.
  • Google Meet integration.
  • Whereby integration.
  • Zoom integration (soon).
  • Microsoft Teams integration (soon).
  • Insert a phone number or location for a meeting.
  • Built-in timezone converter.
  • 3 favourite time zones for a constant overview.
  • Scheduling in the time zone of the recipient.
  • All features and updates to Fixatime Professional.

Further information can be seen on Dealmirror.

Fixatime Lifetime Deal Terms

  • Lifetime Access.
  • Redeem your code within 60 days of purchase.
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee (for Regular Users).
  • 60-day money-back guarantee (for Prime members only).
  • Check out the benefits of Prime’s membership programme.

Fixatime Regular Price

Fixatime subscription fees are only $9 per month, with a free trial to taste the water before you finalise buying their service. Please see their pricing details on their website.

FixaTime Review | Finale Words

Fixatime is designed to simplify the meeting scheduling process while simultaneously allowing you better control and flexibility. This tool has you covered, whether you need to organize a meeting with only one other person or with a full team. 

You can simply plan schedules and meetings with just a few clicks. Thanks to its template, that is intended to be very user-friendly. Also, thanks to the Fixatime Lifetime Deal on Dealmirror for saving huge bucks while losing nothing!

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