Dokan Lifetime Deal | #1 Open-Source Multivendor Solution

Get the Dokan Lifetime Deal and start making your dream multi-vendor marketplace with less investment. Dokan is the final solution to build a multivendor marketplace and get entrepreneurship in your grip.

What is Dokan?

Dokan is an innovative app that helps you build your dream marketplace like Amazon, Shopify, eBay, etc. easily. Regardless of the type of items you want to sell, Dokan has you covered. Get Dokan and experience the new era of creating your preferred marketplace that suits your imagination.

Dokan at a glance

  • With Dokan, you can build a multi-vendor marketplace similar to Shopify, Amazon, eBay, and more.
  • Dokan allows your customers to shop for your products right from the app.
  • This amazing app is the best alternative to Amazon, Shopify, and eBay.
  • This is the ultimate solution for entrepreneurs like you who want to create an eCommerce business similar to eBay, Amazon, or Shopify.

Key Features of Dokan Plugin

Make your WordPress online marketplace easy

Dokan helps you get e-commerce at your fingertips. This game-changing app lets you start building your online brand in less than 30 minutes.

Marketplace with independent stores

Using Dokan, you can easily build an autonomous multivendor marketplace like Amazon, Shopify, or eBay and modify storefronts.

Use any WooCommerce-friendly theme

Dokan allows you to start using any theme that is compatible with WooCommerce. Creating your multi-vendor marketplace is easier than ever, as Dokan comes with a free theme to get started.

Frontend dashboard for sellers and buyers

Sellers and buyers both get access to an ironic frontend dashboard that makes stock management easy, including sales, orders, discounts, coupons, etc.

Make money from every sale

As an admin, Dokan allows you to make money from every sale. Get a commission on a vendor or receive a special bonus on a specific item. Dokan ended up with a fair commission system that ensures a win-win situation for both parties in your marketplace.

Coupon management direct from the dashboard

This amazing app allows you to manage any type of coupon right from the dashboard. So it saves time and money too.

Easy payment system for your sellers

Payments become easier with Dokan. Sellers can ask for withdrawals directly from the front-end dashboard. You can even fix the payment limit, payment gateway, minimum payment limit, etc.

Manage shipping for every store

Dokan allows your sellers to manage their shipping with a zone-wise shipping feature for every individual store. Besides, using the ShipStation feature, sellers can also manage their shipping formalities with the popular shipping solution.

Control who sells and who doesn’t

Dokan confirms your full control over the marketplace you built. You can even activate or deactivate a seller’s selling rights.

Dokan-supported payment gateways

Dokan Plugin offers two ways of payment- adaptive and non-adaptive. Dokan Stripe Connect and Dokan Wirecard Connect are adaptive payment methods. These payment gateways are built-in modules for Dokan Pro and are available in the Dokan Professional package and onward.

The adaptive payment system divides the order amount and sends the particular shares to the admin and seller as soon as the order is placed by the shopper. Presently, Dokan Stripe Connect and Dokan PayPal Marketplace can be used as adaptive payment methods.

On the other hand, a non-adaptive payment system uses a manual payment method. When the payment for an order is placed, the payment is sent to the admin’s account, and the seller’s commission is added to the seller’s payable balance. For example, the seller has to send a withdrawal request manually to the admin. The seller will get their share of the order amount once the withdrawal request is accepted.

Dokan WordPress Plugin Lifetime Deal

Dokan is trusted and used by over 70,000 customers globally. See their various LTD and yearly plans here.

Dokan refund policy

Dokan guarantees 100% satisfaction with their help and support service. However, if their product still doesn’t meet your desires, you can ask for a 100% refund of your money within 14 days of your purchase. No questions will be asked.

Please note: They do not refund if the product has been bought at a cut-rate.

Dokan Plugin Review | Conclusion

Powered by WooCommerce, Dokan is one of the industry’s best front-end WP multivendor marketplace apps. It saves you huge work hours while building your dream digital marketplace.

Frequently asked questions

What kinds of commissions can be set in Dokan?

You can set several types of commissions, including flat, percentage, or a mixture of both, based on product, category, seller, global, etc.

Is Dokan multisite supported?

At present, Dokan is not friendly with the WordPress multisite structure but can be used on a single subdomain of your multisite installation. Remember, the Dokan plugin can be used only on a single database. So you can activate Dokan only on one subsite.

Can anyone “register as a vendor” in the Marketplace?

Yes! But for this, firstly, you need to allow the “Anyone Can Register” option as an admin from WordPress Dashboard > Settings > General. Then, non-registered users will find the “Register as a Vendor” button on the registration page and sign up.

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