CLOSEM Lifetime Deal In 2024 | Automate your prospect engagement

Are you tired of wasting time and money on leads that don’t perform? See how CLOSEM Lifetime Deal could 10X your sales while saving you huge amounts of money and time as well. Use CLOSEM, put your follow-up job on autopilot, and boost sales.

Revive your dead leads and turn them into sales using the simple automatic tool CLOSEM, which takes no time daily. Stop spending extra time and money on leads. Instead, go with CLOSEM, the done-for-you tool that gets results with the same leads.

What is CLOSEM?

CLOSEM is the automatic follow-up tool that ensures no lead gets lost and no opportunity slips away. This done-for-you tool is featured with skillfully written, tailored messages that help to get sales even with dead leads.

CLOSEM Quick Navigation

  • CLOSEM is a robotic follow-up system that helps to make 80% more sales.
  • It enables you to keep track of leads, forecasts, and clients. So no prospect can slip away.
  • COLSEM comes with a comprehensive set of job-wise-written, high-converting, ready-to-use messages you can use as-is or modify according to your business needs.
  • This automated follow-up system is the perfect blend of a user-friendly contact manager with a contemporary messaging platform.

CLOSEM Key Features

Returnable message templates

CLOSEM lets you generate tailored text, email, and voice messages. And more good news is that all these customizable masters can be used again and again. Send your template directly to particular people or to a targeted list.

Pre-made follow-up campaign

CLOSEM is packed with a series of time-tested, verified templates and structures you can tailor and use as your business needs, or you can easily craft your own.

Campaign orders

Message models can be joined together in sequences that are sent over time. Generate an order; simply select who to send it to and click “send” to start the order.

Add contacts and go

Simply add contact names once or import up to 5,000 names at a time. Tag links with as many tags as you like to recognize contacts based on who they are to you.

Humble, informal reports

CLOSEM comes with an intuitive interface. Simply get an outline from the core dashboard or messages sent and delivered, see that unlocked, clicked, and replied.

Set it, and then forget it.

Add or choose a contact, select an order, and send your campaign. Your sequence of follow-up messages will be sent out robotically. Isn’t it very cool?

CLOSEM; Lifetime Subscription, 1 Business License

  • One-time payment of $97 instead of $990.
  • 1 business name and address.
  • Automate your follow-up and make more sales.
  • Send unlimited modified SMS or MMS to break over inbox barriers.
  • Send limitless tailored emails and newsletters.
  • Send infinite modified postal mail anywhere in the world.
  • Reach contacts with unlimited voice messages.
  • Choose a local phone number in 30 countries.
  • Get started right away with pre-written message templates.
  • Combine messages into compelling drip campaigns.
  • Connect with thousands of apps via API or via Zapier, Pabbly, or KonnectzIT.
  • Full-featured, customizable contact manager
  • Unlimited contacts, contact lists, and tags
  • Add team members, assistants, VAs, etc. to your account.
  • Use email validation to remove undeliverable and spam emails.
  • Use phone validations to remove landlines and Do-Not-Call.
  • 30-day credit-back guarantee.

CLOSEM Deal Terms

  • You must redeem your code(s) within 60 days of purchase.
  • *Requires a Twilio account to enable SMS and voice.
  • Postcards require the purchase of postal credits.

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Why Must You Use CLOSEM?

  • Automatically keep your prospective customers engaged with your business.
  • Send an instant flash SMS to your full prospect list or pick contacts with two clicks.
  • Send a sequence of text and email messages to desired contacts with one click.
  • Use any of its proven message templates or modify them according to your choice.
  • Easily keep track of all your chats and schedules.

CLOSEM Review | Bottom Lines

Put your follow-up tasks on CLOSEM and provoke sales by 40% or more with this tremendous autopilot. With no technical abilities, use this automatic, done-for-you software that’s confirmed to save your money, valuable time, and grow sales.

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